The Lawrence Weekly News

By: Natalie, Jayden, Zavier.

The Trash Talkers Talk Trash // Top Story // By: Natalie Cebulko

This week in Science, we've been working on the Trash Project in class. Many students have submitted ideas for this project. This week, we have former LWN Volunteer, Caleb Jensvold to explain his ideas.

Lawrence Weekly News: What are your ideas in this project?

Caleb: One of my ideas is, we're not doing fundraisers but we can put recycling bins everywhere instead of trash cans.

Lawrence Weekly News: Who is in your group that came up with these ideas?

Caleb: It has mostly been me and JT. Zavier has been a part of this, too.

Lawrence Weekly News: Have you presented to the Talkers yet?

Caleb: I have submitted my idea to Addie and a few of the Fundraiser group.

Lawrence Weekly News: What group are you in? How is your team progressing with these ideas?

Caleb: I'm in the Research group. We're keeping with one idea and making sure it goes through completely before we start a new idea.

Lawrence Weekly News: Have you teamed up with the Fundraising group?

Caleb: I have met the fundraising group. I feel like I've been working well with Eric and Jayden.

Lawrence Weekly News: We appreciate you coming and sharing your time with us this week for the project. Thanks!

What are we doing?// Class Work //by Jayden Rucker

Math: 4th graders learned how decimals and fractions relate. 5th graders examined and measured angles.

Science: Students are learned about heat and electricity and wrapped up by doing hands-on activities that included building a circuit, having an "electric breakfast," and creating an electromagnet.

Reading: Students read paired text about the history of television. They had discussions about how television has affected peoples lives since its invention.

Writing: The class finished up their books by drawing pictures and making finishing changes.

Riddle of the week //by Zavier Smith //

Here is the riddle!

What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

If you think you know the answer, come to me, Natalie, or Jayden.

And last week's winner was Will. Good job, Will!

Monthly Reminders // By: Jayden Rucker //

Writing book was due on Thursday

Number the Stars final chapter due Tuesday after spring break

Field Trip permission slips due April 20

Story of the week// By: Jayden Rucker//

This week's story of the week winners are... Mallory, Addison, and Natalie. They created a book about A Dog's Life.

The Lawrence Weekly News reporter: What is your book about?

Addison: It's a book about a Golden Retriever, Husky, and a German Shepherd.

Mallory: It's written in a two parts. Addison and I have part 1. Then Natalie wrote part 2.

Lawrence Weekly News reporter: Wow! I can't wait to read it because I love dogs! The book sounds great!

Latin roots // by Jayden Rucker//

This week Latin root is tele- which means far or from afar Matt has won word study of the week good job Matt.

Number The Stars // By: Jayden Rucker

Our class has finished reading an amazing book called Number The Stars that takes place in 1942. The book is about a group of people helping Jewish people escape from the Nazis in Denmark and travel to Sweden. It's an amazing book and we are working on an activity to wrap up the book. The activity is creating your own Number The Stars chapter. The chapter starts off with the main character, Annmarie, coming home and reading a letter sent by her best friend, Ellen, who they helped escape to Sweden. Each student will choose what the letter says and what happens after that. This activity is something all the students can enjoy!

Weather from March 29 to April 10 // By: Natalie Cebulko //

March 29: Cloudy with a high of 45

March 30: Scattered Thunderstorms with a high of 68

March 31: Showers with a high of 54

April 1: Partly Cloudy with a high of 56

April 2: Partly Sunny with a high of 61

April 3: Showers with a high of 61

April 4: Showers with a high of 56

April 5: Showers with a high of 56

April 6: Showers with a high of 57

April 7: Partly Cloudy with a high of 58

April 8: Partly Sunny with a high of 62

April 9: Partly Sunny with a high of 67

April 10: Partly Sunny with a high of 68

Volunteer Reporter // By: Jazzy Kaur

Next week's volunteer reporter is: Jazzy Kaur.

Basketball Jones Spotlights Our Classroom Students!!! // By: Natalie Cebulko

Jim Basketball Jones visited SCE on Tuesday, March 28. He picked four students from our classroom to join him in either skipping merrily, patient listening, or other fun activities! The people who got picked were: Evan Burns, Addison Hill, Ryann Carter, Jasleen Kaur, and Adam Maddi. Here are pictures!!

Miss Natalie interview

What's you official job

Curriculum, testing, being vice principle, and community stuff.

What's your favorite thing to do at sce

Always happy when talking to staff and students

Favorite hobby outside of school

Paddle boarding, running.

What was your last interaction with a school

Thought 1st, 2nd, 3rd, reach, and special needs.

Any plans for school

Develop he's 21 into an amazing learning environment. Also personally, we would like to make a science room, and maker space room.

During I step would you allow toys and snacks.

Not during the test but before or after is always a good idea.

Side notes

Making people happy and reaching for your goals is always important.