Pay It Forward!

By:Jillian E.

Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward

by:Jillian Enke

Hi I am Jillian and I will be talking about a belief called PAY IT FORWARD. Pay it forward is a belief in which you do good deeds for no apparent reason. If you do that we hope that the person that got the deed will do one and everybody will keep doing good deeds to make the world a better place. We should do this because if we did this the world would become a more friendly and better place to live. I will give you an example of pay it forward.
For a good deed I helped my mom by watching my baby sister while she went to pick up my brothers. While She was playing the ipad she saw I was bored and had nothing to do so, she came over and let me play the ipad. By letting me play the ipad I gave my little sister a coin pocket that I made. See,by doing something nice for other people they will do nice things to other people.

Another good deed that you could do is just be nice to people. For example, I was carrying in groceries and my hands were full so I could not open the door so, my little brother came to the rescue and opened the door so I could get in. When he did that he did a good deed so I said, “Thank you”. See when you do good deeds good things will happen to you and other people in the world.

You could also help people for example in my classroom. We use a lot of computers and technology so after my class we have to plug them in. But, the problem was no one was plugging them in so me and some other people started putting them away so our teacher wouldn’t have to plug them in and in return he is an awesome teacher to us.
Now that you know what you could do for pay it forward I hope you help, because every time we do a good deed we hope the person pays it forward and if everyone does a good deed and pays it forward our world will be much happier. A happier world is a better and more efficient world to live our daily lives in.
Kindness (Pay it Forward)