The New Way To Get Up And Down

What Is An Escalator?

An escalator is a moving stairwell. There are stairs and they can carry you up or down. The stairs are a long belt that loops around and the stairs fold down at the top, and reappear at the bottom where people go to get on. It helps by no making the person walk up stairs, but they could stand on an escalator and get a ride upstairs.
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Everyone Wants A Ride

As you can see, the world famous Fuzzy Bubble Beasts are taking the escalator too. Ronny, Yamen, and Gerald all love taking the escalator to get onto their planes and go shopping. It helps them keep their legs fresh for their shows and appearances around the world.

Everyone Uses Escalators, And So Should YOU!!!

Our Beloved Creators

Jesse W. Reno and Charles Seeberger created the escalator in September or 1895 in Kansas. They originally made it for an amusement park ride, but late was used for different tasks.

Refection Paragraphs

I learned a lot about the escalator, like how it works and what it was made for. It was originally made as an amusement park ride, but later was turned into the use for many public places. It works by having a single belt that has steps that pop up roll around the two ends continuously and the steps pop up at the two ends and stay up while on the surface, but while they are circling back to the beginning, they are a flat belt.

One major effect that the escalator had on people in the 1800's was that it filled them with joy when going to an amusement park and riding one up and down. It was new and different, and many people liked that about it. One major effect on today's world is that it helps people out when they go shopping and have a lot of items. It allows them to focus on carrying everything rather than trying to find the next step and dropping an item or worse tripping on a step and dropping everything.

I chose to use the Testimonial technique because it seemed to fit best for an escalator,one business seeing another flourish while having escalators will make them want to purchase some too. Many people will want an escalator once they see how many famous people and store use them all the time.