Mrs. Lyons' Class - Week 3

Math, Science, Social Studies

8/31 - 9/4

As we enter the third week, we should all be getting into a routine! I really LOVE what I do and I want to give your child the best learning experience! I try to balance hard work and fun experiences too. I expect the students to do their personal best and I know they want to enjoy school. We are all working on finding balance! I plan enriched lessons based on first grade expectations with supplemental materials to enhance their learning. I do have high expectations for working hard as well as proper behavior. I believe you expect the same as well. Here are a few things we will be doing this week!


Due on or before Friday 9/4

Math 1.5 - 2.1

Science: Read and highlight vocabulary on "Parts of a Plant"

Social Studies: None

Review Excel found in "Keep at Home" pocket and practice Rainbow Math. (Keep cards in backpack when not practicing. We will practice at school as well)

Tests Thursday!

  • Math Chapter 1: Thursday, September 3rd
  • Excel Test 1: Thursday, September 3rd
  • Science: Plants, Thursday, September 3rd

Math Quick Check was sent home on Friday. Look at this to see how your child performed on this practice test. Sign and return the Quick Check by Thursday for 1 dojo point! (Keep all week and use as a study guide - 2nd quick check coming home on Tuesday)

  • Vocabulary: greater than, less than, equal to
  • Circle the set with more, circle the set with fewer
  • Count and write the number
  • Write the number just before, just after, and between a given number
  • Write the missing numbers in order.
  • Circle the greater number / Circle the number that is less
  • Problem Solving: Draw a picture and solve.

Thanks Mrs. Anumele!

Osey's mom purchased an OSMO for her family with the buy one give one program! OSMO donated a complete set to me! Thanks Mrs. Anumele!!! We will be using these soon!
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Click here for Unit 1 Math: Number Concepts

Use this link for math review, games, and extra practice.

Math This Week:

  • Comparing Numbers
  • Greater Than, Less Than
  • Story Problems
  • Draw a Picture to Solve
  • Addition Stories

Excel Math:

  • Identify circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles
  • Filling in missing numbers
  • Write numbers for a given set
  • Recognizing numbers

Science Ch. 2: Plants Grow and Change

Rainbow Math

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how much the students LOVE testing on their Rainbow Math Facts! This is my first year using this system and I think all of the work setting this up paid off! They are really motivated! A couple of things….I only have about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon to test. This may change as time progresses. As of last week, I was still having to stop testing frequently to handle disruptions. More about that in a minute!

This is how I test.

First is an oral test. I hold the cards and flip through them as they call out the answer only. I am looking for speed and fluency. If they miss more than one, if they count on their fingers, or if I can see them counting in their head, they are not ready to move on. I am looking for a quick response showing they know the answer without much delay. If they pass the oral test, they have a quick paper test with the same facts in a different order.

I hate to tell them they cannot move on, but if they do not know the facts, they need to practice more. Having all of the colors should mean they have mastered all the facts and they can quickly answer each math fact. The goal is one or two tests a week.

Disruptions & Behavior

The majority of the class is doing exceptionally well, but there are a few areas we are still working on improving for some. Check Dojo points to assess if your child is having a difficult time with expected behavior. Talk to him/her if Dojo points are taken away. Points are taken away as a last resort and after many requests to change actions. Taking steps to prevent disruptions during learning times is the best way to ensure that all students are doing their best to meet expectations. I will begin to take away points when necessary now that students have had adequate time to learn behavior expectations. Please contact me if you have any questions.