Sept. 4th, 2017 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

LVES NEU Endorsement/ Vision/ Mission

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LVES No Excuses Essentials Schoolwide Behavior Plan 2017-2018

Remember to use the LVES No Excuses Essentials Schoolwide Behavior Plan to support your classroom environment.

A Message from the Instructional Specialists

Please click here to see and important message from your coaches about I station and Comprehension Tool Kit.

LVES Content Specific Essentials

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Culture of Universal Achievement

When We Will Graduate: (high school) Please refer to the classes as "Class of ____."

  • Kinder - 2030
  • First - 2029
  • Second - 2028
  • Third - 2027
  • Fourth - 2026
  • Fifth - 2025

School Chant
  • Learned by ALL students by Friday, September 8th.

  • Each teacher is going to teach their kids about their university as well as learning a chant or 2 that can be shared at an assembly.

  • Grade-level chant - learned by ALL students by Friday, September 15th. We will share this at our first assembly on Monday, September 18th! WooHoo! Each grade level chant should be NO longer than 30 seconds!

  • Classroom University Chant - Each class should have their chant learned by Monday, October 2nd.

    Morning Check-In: Set the tone for respectful learning and establish a climate of trust.

    (1-5 minutes, depending on grade level)

    • College chant

    • Inspirational quotes (maybe one for the week)

    • “College” related vocabulary

    • Character traits

    • Schedule/Expectations for the day

    • How are you feeling today? What distractions are you setting aside to be fully present in your learning?

    • What are you going to do today to help prepare you for college?

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    What is Happening at our school next week?

    Click here to see the school calendar.

    Important dates:

    • PLCs begin on Sept. 12th

    • Pony Time
        • 3rd-5th grades begin on September 18th

        • 1st-2nd grades begin on September 25th

        • Kindergarten begins on October 2nd

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    Parent University (previously called Parent Orientation)

    Parent University Sept. 7th

    • K-2 5:00-6:00
    • 3-5 6:30-7:30

    Please add this information to your presentations during Parent University.


    Do you want to know what LVES Ponies like and enjoy?

    Click here to see the "All About Me" responses.

    Happy September Birthdays!

    • Rosana Lopez --- September 9th
    • Jennifer McKnight --- September 9th
    • Stephanie Sanchez --- September 13th
    • Veronica Oporto --- September 15th
    • Lety Amador --- September 17th
    • Gaby Morales --- September 23

    On the Side of Hope!

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