Friedl-Dicker Brandeis

By Sara Segal

About Friedl-Dicker Brandeis

Friedl-Dicker Brandeis was born in Austria, and is most known for her paintings. She was born into a poor Jewish family. Her mother died in 1902. Since Friedl had no mother, she tried to be mother-like to the kids in camps by teaching them art. She was taught at the Bauhaus school, where she learned the Bauhaus style. The style mainly consisted of elements and principles of design. She joined the School of Arts and Crafts in 1915, where she was given drawing classes. Her teacher, Professor Franz Cizek, encouraged his students to create whatever they wanted. In 1919, Friedl attended Weimar Bauhaus, where she learned art. She accomplished the task of teaching kids art while they were in concentration camps. What I think is the most interesting thing about Friedl-Dicker Brandeis is that she was able to teach the kids. After all the pain those kids had been through, she was able to make them smile and have fun.