Ms. Kilar's Class

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Battle of the Books

Our classroom book battle will be on Monday, March 23. Students need to have three of the assigned book titles read by the 23rd in order to be able to participate. Please double check with your child on how he/she is doing and if they need to finish up one last book by next week. I have plenty of titles in the classroom and the kids are free to take the books whenever they want.


This week we focused on reading three nonfiction passage about animals. Then we worked on comparing and contrasting the three texts. Finally students need to identify a common theme and write a write and essay about the texts


This week in writing we focused on practice writing for the M-Step test in the spring. Students worked on identifying the main idea in nonfiction reading passages and writing a strong paragraph about the articles with a topic sentence and supporting details.


Earlier this week students worked with partners to complete some review questions to prepare for the division test. On Wednesday and Thursday they completed the test. Next week we will begin a short unit on factors, multiples and patterns. Students should wait until Monday evening to begin next week's homework since we will be not be starting lesson until Monday in class.

Homework: Lesson 5.1


This week we focused on the transfer of electric currents to produce light and heat energy. We also focused on finding the main idea while reading non-fiction text. Next week we will learn more about how energy is stored and used.

Social Studies

This week in social studies we continued learning about government. We learned about the Preamble and the Constitution of the United States. Students read about representative government, a republic and limited government.


  • Spelling: Spelling list, practice worksheet
  • Grammar: Review worksheet
  • Math: Lesson 5.1

Upcoming Dates

  • March 20 - Orange Out - Students are asked to wear their orange Rams t-shirts they got last week.
  • March 23- Classroom Book Battle
  • March 23 - Make up swimming date - students will need suits and towels
  • March 25 - 4th grade Book Battle
  • March 27 - April 6 - No school - Spring Break

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - Library
  • Tuesday - Music
  • Wednesday - Art/PE
  • Thursday - Library
  • Friday - Music