5th Grade at Bear Creek Elementary

Week 35 - June 1st - June 3rd

Dear Families,

Can you believe this year is almost over?! Your child is almost in middle school, wow! It's been a wild ride, one that we will never forget. Hopefully you are able to join us for our graduation this Thursday at 9:30 am. Below, we have a few notes about the last days of school, including graduation. Thank you for all of your support, flexibility and grace this year!!

Tomorrow (Wednesday June 2nd)...

The students have worked really hard all year long. They deserve a bit of a break. We are allowing them to bring video games to school tomorrow. Cell phones, personal computers, and tablets are not necessary; just video games. We talked with the classes today about this and gave them a few notes:

  • Mr. Linnell, Ms. Harmon and Bear Creek Elementary are not responsible for lost or broken video game equipment. If the child does not feel comfortable bringing the console, he/she does not have to. This is completely optional.
  • We will not play any inappropriate video games. Obviously, this is different for everyone, so we told them to use their best judgement as far as inappropriate goes, but Ms. Harmon and Mr. Linnell will have the final say as to which video game is appropriate or not.


Fifth Grade Parents,

Final Request = We have purchased 52 very tasteful frames to honor our first fifth grade class with a wall mural. We are asking for one 5x7 photo of your child so we can forever honor this historic group of cubs πŸ™‚ .

Robin in the front office will take them. We hope to have the wall mural and their tiles up by the start of school next year. We were so chappy and honored to work with them to develop our traditions ... they did a GREAT job.

Here are some details regarding our in-person ceremony here at Bear Creek Elementary on Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 9:30am.

Where Is The Ceremony Location? – The program will be held in the front of the school using the roundabout as our staging area. Students will be underneath the awning and parents and their guests will be spread out across the roundabout using the lawn and the pavement. All spectators must be located behind the center line that separates cars.

How Long Will The Ceremony Last? – Because we have not done this before it is hard to say however there will be several speakers but each will only be allotted two minutes. We will also recognize each student. I would estimate an hour and fifteen minutes total.

What Are The Safety Protocols? – Per AISD Safety Protocols all guests will be required to wear a mask and go through a temperature screen. It is your responsibility to socially distance yourselves from other groups. We will have suggested family areas marked with a colored cone – these will not be specific PODS but rather a guideline/suggestion for spacing.

I know we are all exhausted over these protocols but they are still protocols so please just distance yourselves from other groups by at least 3’ on all sides. We will enforce this and we really do not want to have to manage that on this special day.

If you are uncomfortable with this set up there are a variety of places around the ceremony area that provide visual access and you will be able to hear everything.

Who Can I Bring? – The number you requested on the survey is the number that you may bring. Please do not go over the number you requested. We will also enforce this. The guest total is 143 without Bear Creek Elementary siblings.

When Can I Come? – We will start screening parents and guests AT THE WALKER/BIKER RIDER screening station at 9:00am.

What Can I Bring? – If you want a chair or a blanket then you must provide them. Nothing else is allowed aside from strollers or wagons.

How Can I Get To The Front To Take A Picture?– You cannot, we will have a photographer and we will ensure you get a picture of your child underneath the β€œsuper cool” arch holding their certificate. If you want to take pictures afterwards that is fine as long as you ensure the same safety protocols outlined earlier.

What Is The Dress Code For Students? – β€œSmart Casual" however keep in mind that we will be outside and it will be potentially warm.

Can Bear Creek Elementary Siblings Attend? – Yes. We will gather all siblings at 915 and ensure they are connected to their families. ​

Where Can I Park? – We would prefer you exhaust all options prior to parking at the school. The front lot will be blocked off. We have approximately 20 spots in the staff parking lot for those that cannot find other options.

What Will My Child Be Doing After I Drop Them Off At Regular Time? – They will be participating in a school walk allowing the rest of Bear Creek Elementary staff and students the opportunity to congratulate them.

Can I Check My Child Out After The Ceremony? – We will have supervision for students all day however many families are electing to check them out after the ceremony and that is absolutely acceptable.

Poor Weather Plan? – We are not planning on poor weather J however if my weather dance does not work then we will pivot to something inside with much stricter spacing and possible reduced number of attendants