ReadQuest 2016

Friday, February 26th in the Library

About Read Quest

`Aikahi will be participating in ReadQuest From Coast to Coast (formerly known as Read the Most from Coast to Coast) on Friday, February 26th. This is a one-day event that brings students nationwide together to celebrate the power of reading. This event is sponsored by Renaissance Place in an effort to have students across the nation READ MORE BOOKS (and take AR tests).

To encourage the students to take AR tests that day, we have a special incentive: for every AR test the students take that day, they will receive a chance to vote on a special costume that either Ms. Arellano or Principal Fraser has agreed to wear to school. (Costume choices are still being determined.) The more AR tests they take, the more votes they get.

Official voting begins at 7:30 am when the library opens, and will end at 2:05 pm. The students will be coming down with their classes during the day. Classes in Grades K-1 will sign up with a "buddy" class that will help them take their test. We will also have volunteers helping in the library that day.

We encourage all the students to start/continue reading their AR books, so they will be ready to take an AR test on Friday, February 26th.

Thank you for supporting `Aikahi and helping us to foster the love of reading :).