iPad App Challenge

As we move 1:1 with iPads this winter, we need to start working and getting comfortable with our iPads now! It will be a gradual process, but we will be there with you the entire time to help!

Outside your door, you see a blank iPad with 16 spots for apps! Each week, we are going to launch a new challenge (or two!) for you to earn apps on your iPad outside your classroom!

You do not have to do the challenge in that specific week - you may want to wait until later ... or it just may not interest you! Totally up to you! Completion of the challenge will earn you a badge on your iPad for the school to see!

In addition to becoming more comfortable with the iPad, we know sometimes we need better incentives. We will be offering CEUs for the completion of challenges as well as some prizes and giveaways along the way!

It's a VERY exciting time to be in Rowan Salisbury Schools! We will continue to grow and find methods of professional growth!

This is just the beginning!

The Challenges!

You can check this link anytime you want to check out the challenges and work on completing them! They will all be listed below!