Freak the Mighty

By Rodman PhilBrick

Book Review

Freak the Mighty is a great book and you should read it. It is a book with adventures between two eighth graders. One named Kevin, Freak, and his friend Maxwell, Max. Freak is very smart and has a disability where is outside does not grow but his inside do, he is very small. Max is a very tall and thinks he is not smart, but if you read and look between the lines you will see that he is thinking and learning every step of the way with his friend Freak.

Based on a 8th grade boys life, Freak the Mighty connects two entirely different kids and turns them into a great combo. Max is a big kid who is learning disabled and lives with his grim and gram because his dad is in jail. Even though he is so big and looks like his killer dad he is a very kind kid. Freak, a kid who just moved down the block next to Maxwell is a crippled kid who is very smart. Together the two kids have a bond that no one saw coming.

Some pros of Freak the Mighty were that it left cliffhangers to keep you on edge. A con is when one of the main characters sadly departs from us. I recommend this book to people who like twists and action, and departure (death). My experience with this book was overall good. I found it confusing to read because of all the metaphors used.