Summer Curriculum Writing at JJHS

What you should know....

Pay Rate & Hours

The pay rate for curriculum writing is $22.18 per hour. Teachers need to swipe in using their badge, so don't forget it at home!

The building is open 7:30-4:40, but let's be honest, we won't be here that long! We can decide on the hours since we swipe in!


As a department we will develop our goals for the time together.

We MUST, however, get the curriculum basics up on to the District Weebly Curriculum Website.

Non-Negotiables on Weebly

Priority Standards (numbers and words)

Supporting Standards (numbers and words)

Essential Questions

Big Ideas


PDF of Newsletter that is sent to parents

Currently Scheduled Dates

7th Science

Tuesday, June 7th

8th Science

Wednesday, June 15th

Thursday, June 16th

8th ELA

Monday, June 20th

Tuesday, June 21st

Wednesday, June 22nd

Tier 2 ELA

Thursday, June 30th

Wednesday, July 6th

Thursday, July 7th

Gifted ELA, Science & Social Studies

Tuesday, July 5th

Wednesday, July 6th

Thursday, July 7th

7th & 8th Social Studies

Monday, July 18th

Tuesday, July 19th

Wednesday, July 20th

7th & 8th Math

Wednesday, July 13th

Thursday, July 14th

Tuesday, July 18th

Wednesday, July 19th

7th ELA

Wednesday, August 3rd

Thursday, August 4th

Monday, August 8th

Tuesday, August 9th

Exploratory Courses

Wednesday, June 8th

Thursday, June 9th