Growth Mindset

How Growth and Fixed Mindset effects someones' life.

What is Mindset?

Mindset is the way people think or what you feel tward something.There are two types of mindsets. Fixed mindset and growth mindset.

Fixed Mindsets

A fixed mindset is when people believe that they are born a certin way. They don't think that they can grow, develop, and learn new skills. A fixed mindset would think that s/he only had a certin amount of intellegance and that's that. Maybe another person thinks that she only has a few skills or talents. People with fixed mindsets often feel depressed and bad about themselves. If kids with fixed mindsets failed a test they might cheat on the next test or find someone else with a worse score to feel better about themselves.

Growth Mindsets

A growth mindset is when people believe that they can grow and develop. They believe that they can learn new skills. When they fall down in life they get back up and try again.

Praising Intelligence and Talent

When we praise our children we usually praise them on their intelligence. For years we have thought this was a good thing. The truth is that it's a terrible thing. Praising children for their intelligence gives them the impression that they are the smartest person. Later on when they get a chance to do a challenge or an easy task s/he will often choose the easy task. They mostly choose the easy task because they want to show you that they can still be smart. Kids praised for their intelligence or talent often run away from challenges, while kids with growth mindset choose to do a challenge. Remember, don't praise intelligence or talent, praise effort, strategies, focus, improvement, and perseverance.

How we can help people get more of a Growth Mindset.

Just using yet or not yet gives kids greater confidence. Using yet gives kids a path to the future and greater persistence. Try to get kids to do different things they haven't done before. When they do something they haven't done before the neurons in their brain form greater connections. Like I said before praise effort, focus, stratagies, improvement, and persistence.


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