Minecraft+School= Greatness!

By: Audrey J. Addis

Ever heard of a college that gives GAMING degrees? Probably not!

Teachers all over the world use math tools, like area models, algorithm, and Minecraft. Wait, WHAT? That's what most people who don't play games would say. But have you heard? This game ain't no ordinary game! You might have never known that COLLEGES would give lessons with this! ESPECIALLY WORLD-WIDE!!! Especially when OVER 2,500 schools (WORLD-WIDE!) use this game! WHAAAA????
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Block by Block, add and subtract, multiply an divide, and even SCIENCE and HISTORY!!!

Here, in the world of Minecraft, ANYTHING is possible! With point grid maps, to mathifying crafting! To craft, you must be a mathematician to know a recipe. To build a mansion, you must find the PERFECT color resources. Imagination, AND math has room in Minecraft!

How can it be involved with history, science, etc.? It all depends on the setting, and the tools used to do things. For example, you could make a Parkour (A PARKOUR system is a path of jumps an d obstacles the player has to get through to the other side, or next step.) system to lead a young child through a atom, or cell! SCIENCE!!

Why HISTORY though? That kinda depends on the setting around you. Lets say, you are doing a project on the Boston Massacre. You need to show the setting and what it looked like during the battle. Why not just use clay and others tools to make the scene? Minecraft can let creativity ring, and besides, you might not always have the supplies to make a non-virtual model.

Science??? That depends on the backround, tools to build, and assignment. Let's say your teacher assigns you to make a model of a power plant landscape. You can use your creativity to make a power plant, AND interactions to go with it!!! SEE??? SCIENCE+HISTORY+MATH=...Minecraft!!!

Questions? Rebutles?

I´m listening...

Ok, so what´s the big idea 'bout crafting?

So let´s say you have 13 pieces of wheat. You know to make bread, you need 3 pieces of wheat to make 1 loaf of bread. You think, ´How many pieces of bread can I make with this? Will I have any left over?´ You have to be a Mathematician to know this equation! (Who can solve this? Anyone?...) If you said to divide 13 into groups of 3, (aka 13 divided by 3,) then YOU ARE CORRECT!!! The answer is, you will be able to make 4 loafs of bread, with 1 wheat piece left over! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN???????? Yeah, 'cause this involves MATH!!!!!!!!!
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But why is this better than other teaching stuff?

Yeah, some teaching tools MAY be better than this, but we don't have to get RID of Minecraft for that! Or the opposite, getting rid of other tools for Minecraft! With these uses for Minecraft, we can make schools BETTER!!!!!!!!!!

What does this have to do with the gane coming to every-day schools?

Like I explained in the other paragraphs, we use math, history, science, and more in our daily lives. Whether the teachers assign homework, or assign school work. I say we can use this in schools. It's a new generation of school! We can unite to make a better future for us! We can DO this! We...can...............use Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who made this? Did he/she WANT it to be used for education?

Yes, his name is Markus Persson (known mostly from minecrafters as "Notch".) He even said HIMSELF that he wanted a fun and EDUCATIONAL game!!!!!!!!1 HOW COOL IS THAT, MINECRAFT FANS?!?!?!?!?!?!?

What about bugs and hackers?

Yeah, there may be some hackers and bugs on the way, BUT...you can fight 'em off! For example, a famous hacker, named "Herobrine", that can really mess up your game. But don't let that stand in the way!

Can we use this to change history???

YES!!! We can! Minecraft is a great game/tool we can use for better use! If we expand this from schools to more, we can change the WORLD. The math, the history, the science, the creativity, the adventure... just one suggestion. Don't play for a long time straight, you need some exercise!
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Can YOU help us???

You can get Minecraft now! Go to the website, or by it!

A fun AND educational game! Try it, let your creativity (And lessons!) explode!