My Future

Selah C.

Left Brain

I'm left brained which means that I am planned, controlled, and realistic. Being a left brain means that I am usually reading, working, or doing homework. I'm not really outgoing, loud, or talkative.

Motivation/Stress/Team Style Score

Motivation: 64. My Motivation score should improve a little bit.

Stress: 56. My stress level does not need to improve.

Team Style: Supporter. I'm sensitive, quiet, and I don't like to be in charge of everyone in a group.

Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?

I am an ambivert. Being an ambivert means that I am both introvert and extrovert.

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With a house, food, clothes, entertainment, etc. My monthly expenses would be $3,081 and my annual expenses would be $36,975.
Two careers that I could do with my budget are Writer/Author or a Music Director. Writer/Author pays $65,493 and Music Director pays $57,221.

Top 3 Career Choices

Top College Choice

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College Research

Major: Photography

Location: Siloam Springs, Arkansas



4 years/2 years/other: Four years

Setting: Town Distance

Enrollment: 305

Percentage: 70%