Eco-Scavenger Hunt

Jade Njo, Sarah Wales, Sanjeev Penupala, Trusten Micheli

Abiotic vs Biotic

The tree is biotic because it has cells and is a living organism. The rock is abiotic because it does not have cells and is not a living organism.
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Autotroph vs Heterotroph

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This is a Heterotroph because it has to find it own food.

Predator and Prey Relationship

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This is a predator and prey relationship because the prey is being bullied by the predator.


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This is mutualism because one person is helping the other on homework and both people are benefiting.


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This is an example of commensalism because the person drinking the water gets hydrated while the water fountain is not affected.


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This is parasitism because one person is being bullied while the other is benefiting.

Food Chain

Carbon Cycle

Puts carbon into atmosphere: