Week 15: Meiosis and Heredity

Mrs. Partin's Biology Class

Important Dates for the Week

This week, we will be exploring the process where gamete cells for sexual reproduction are formed, how DNA from two parents are passed on to offspring, and how that DNA is expressed as heritable traits. We will also be diving into the inheritance patterns of those traits--are they linked to autosomal choromosomes or our sex chromosomes? We will learn about some disorders that may occur in that inheritance as well. Finally, we will be learning to identify patterns in family history by use of pedigrees!

If you find yourself stumped along the way and needing extra help, please set an appointment for tutoring with me!

Monday, 12/12:

  • Finish Biotechnology Discussion and Article Analyses
  • Meiosis - Notes on Foundation Vocabulary

Tuesday, 12/13:

  • Biotechnology Quiz
  • Review for Benchmark
  • Meiosis - Fertilization and Sexual Reproduction

Wednesday, 12/14:

  • Meiosis - Stem Cells and Epigenetics

Thursday, 12/15:

  • 13.5 Week County Benchmark
  • Meiosis - Forming of Haploid Cells
  • Honors Biology Genetically Modified Organisms Post due in Canvas by midnight!

Friday, 12/16:

  • Pre/Suffix Quiz
  • Mitosis vs. Meiosis
  • Chromosomal Disorders and Pedigrees

Notes for Monday, December 12th

Notes for Tuesday, December 13th

Notes for Wednesday, December 14th

Notes for Friday, December 16th

Biology Help Tutorial Videos

Should you find that you need additional resources for support as we learn meiosis and inheritance patterns! This is also helpful should you find you are absent this week!
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