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CTE MONTH-February 2019

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Congrats to Our District Competition Winners!

We want to recognize our District Competition winners who will be advancing to State Competition! This year District Competition was canceled due to weather which resulted in students not being able to do their role plays and being scored based only on their test scores. The following students placed based on their test scores and will be advancing to State Competition in Chattanooga:

Delanie Porter-Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series-7th Place

Maddox Marlin-Automotive Services Marketing Series-4th Place

Luke Busch-Automotive Services Marketing Series-9th Place

Jaiden Buzako/Ryan Oden-Business Law and Ethics Team Decision-4th Place

Alex Haug-Business Services Marketing Series-3rd Place

Alexander Oldham-Business Services Marketing Series-4th Place

Jack Calvert-Business Services Marketing Series-8th Place

Elizabeth Baltz/Paige Giese-Buying and Merchandising Team Decision-7th Place

Mike Denton-Entrepreneurship Series-5th Place

Jeffery Meyers-Hotel and Lodging Management Series-5th Place

Eliana Safer-Human Resources Management Series-1st Place

Emma Keich-Marketing Communications Series-5th Place

Andrei Matei-Personal Financial Literacy-3rd Place

Meghan Abbott-Principles of Finance-3rd Place

Aiden Waters-Principles of Hospitality and Tourism-11th place

Kirsten Webb-Principles of Marketing-4th Place

Haley Durrett-Principles of Marketing-8th Place

Danielle Oliveras-Principles of Marketing-11th Place

Stone Bardwell-Quick Service Restaurant Management Series-9th Place

Dalton Fussel-Restaurant and Food Service Management Series-11th place

Ezekial Cook-Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series-5th Place

Thomas Curlee-Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series-6th place

Katie Kirkham/Paige Roberson-Sports and Entertainment Team Decision-2nd Place

Bailynn Ballard-Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series-1st Alternate

Micah Marasigan-Food Marketing Series-1st Alternate

10th Annual Breakfast of Champions

District Competitors and winners who will be advancing to State Competition were recognized at our Breakfast of Champions on Thursday, February 7. Marketing II Honors students who will be competing at State were also recognized.

CTE Month

Our very own SCHS Chapter President, Bill Mouchette, was given the honor of being asked to speak at the Sumner County Schools Career and Technical Education Day to share his student testimonial on how CTE has had an impact on his student career. Bill was given the opportunity to visit with Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and State Representative John Garrott during the luncheon.

Bill even made the news! Click on the article below to read! Congrats, Bill!

2018-2019 DECA Projects Highlights

Learn and Earn

Our group is taking on the Learn and Earn Project for this years’ DECA class. We have to create our own business within our school, Station Camp High School. We have to create this business to make money; but more importantly, we are learning how to become real entrepreneurs. We have created Nothin’ But Net. This business is all about event planning for companies. Businesses come to us to ask us to plan events for their company. We have two events planned for this fall. The first one we will be doing is with Resourceful Solutions. They are a fundraiser company that sells colorful trash bags and Ziploc bags. They reached out to us to see if we could sell their product in our community. The second event that we have planned is a PEER Place CDC Basketball game verses the CDC students at Station Camp High School. We will be hosting the basketball game here at Station Camp during our 4th block. We hope by having Nothin’ But Net, it will teach us all the necessary information needed to run a business.

Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

Hi, our names are Maggie Gillespie and Savannah Payne, and we are competing in the Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Event. For our project, we decided to partner Kávé Express, a local coffee shop, and the Rae of Hope Foundation, an organization that raises money for families with children who are battling brain cancer. We are doing this with the soul purpose of increasing the knowledge of Rae of Hope as well as to help Kávé Express become more involved with their community.

School Base Enterprise Retail

SBER is a School Based Enterprise Retail Project. The Stampede Stop Shop is located inside of Station Camp High School and it sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, car stickers, coffee, and much more. The Shop sells these items to highschoolers, teachers, staff, and neighboring schools. This year they plan to reach out to more students and parents in the community to increase their sales. They are designing and creating new merchandise for the Stop Shop in hopes to increase profit. Their ultimate goal is to help fund students in their DECA chapters trip to ICDC in Orlando this Spring.

International Business Plan

In the international business plan event, we are to come up with a business plan and analyze all the different factors that go into operating a business. In addition, we will also have to operate the business in a foreign country. We have developed Paradise Chateau; a manageable airbnb with many excursions and activities to gain the attention to our potential guests. We chose to locate Paradise Chateau in the Marshall Islands; we wanted to have a unique location filled with many interesting cultural aspects and one many have yet to hear of. By implementing Paradise Chateau into the economy of the Marshall Islands, we hope to raise the tourism rates and create steady revenue streams for our employees.

Upcoming Events

  • Mandatory Meeting for State Competitors-February 22
  • State Competition Testing in SCHS Library-February 25
  • Spring DECA Field Trip-February 26, 2019
  • State DECA Competition- Chattanooga, TN- March 6-9, 2019
  • International Competition- Orlando, FL- April 2019

DECA State Competition

Just a few reminders for our State Competitors:

  • State Online Testing will be February 25th in the SCHS library with makeups being on February 28th.
  • Deposits due February 13th
  • Students should attend the mandatory State Meeting on February 22nd in Mrs. Daniels room
  • Check out candy bars for fundraiser to help pay for state

Spring Field Trip

Tuesday, Feb. 26th, 8:30am

500 Cowan Street

Nashville, TN

  • Top Golf for behind the scenes tour and meeting with CR Manager
  • Opryland Hotel for Tour for Tour and Exploration
  • Opry Mills
  • Show at the Opry

Stampede Stop Shop

Don't forget to stop by the Stampede Stop Shop today to purchase your Station Camp gear!

Open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays!

If you need something when it's not open stop by Mrs. Daniels Classroom!

The Stop Shop is constantly in the process of creating new items to be sold to our students! If you have ideas for new designs or merchandise, write them down or sketch out your design and turn it in at the Stop Shop! We love to see our students' creative ideas! Maybe your design will be sold next!

Stay up to date with the Stop Shop:

Twitter: @StampedeShop

Remind 101: @stopsh 81010

Thank you to our Business Partners!

SCHS DECA Business Partner Interest Form

Members of our business community are a vital part of the success of our DECA program! If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Station Camp High School business partner, please click the button above to fill our our interest form!

About Us

We are a group of high school students working to become skilled in the field of marketing through our involvement in DECA, a program designed to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. DECA is an international organization involving more than 215,000 students worldwide. Our hope as a school chapter is to make an impact on our school, community, and state by working hard to shape our country's future business men and women.

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2018-2019 Officers

CEO- Bill Mouchette

VP of Public Relations- Nikita Menon

VP of Communications - Taylor Haber

VP of Chapter Relations - Zoya Anderson