Texas Snowbells

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  • The are located in the western part of the Texas Hill Country.
  • They bloom in april.
  • They were only 39 Texas snowbells during 1984 and only 10 known populations of the plant by 2004.


  • Texas snowbell never get to grow up to there potential which is 18ft tall and 10ft wide because the are being eaten all the time by animals such as deer, goats, sheep and other hungry animals, both native and introduced.
  • They are protected along bedrock ledges just above the Devils River on The Nature Conservancy’s Dolan Falls Preserve.
  • They can reproduce until 14 years of age but never reach that due to animals.


  • The Nature Conservancy is now taking strives to help it by growing in preservation and monitoring it.
  • However the plants have adapted by growin
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