3 Life,Liberty,Property


  • John Locke was born in United Kingdom in August 29,1632
  • He was a Philosopher .In Oxford he study medicine a role play in his life ,after that he became a highly philosopher .
  • The greatest achievements in is life was ,He was the founder of the theory of empiricism knowledge ("they say he shape the american constitution and the French Revolution.
  • Natural law's and Natural Right , Separation of power and the Dissolution of Government , Toleration, and to protect there 3 rights,LIFE , LIBERTY, PROPERTY.


-Thomas Paine ,John Adams where the one who have the same ideas as john Locke.

-The Lovelace papers and their donation to Oxford University are still on john Locke ideas

-because they help talking about the 3 right and the government need to protected.

.The quote

Government has no other end ,but the preservation of property .

("the government has to defend are right and property:)