White and Nerdy

Ellie Smith


Heyyy HOT ladies ;) its Ethan the white bangle tiger is here!!! I'm looking for a nerdy birdy to be my mate. I am ferocious and an elegant creature who is one of a kind and extremely smart. But let me tell you I am an amazing catch. I am the smartest and nerdiest tiger in all the world i graduated from Watering Hole College, which is top ranked in Africa. Plus I'm one of a kind cause I'm as WHITE as snow and not some orangey through up color. That is a total game changer that make anyone fall for me. I'm also a mammal that has gorgeous hair, long powerful legs that will kill any animal that my babe desires, and I give live birth well I don't, but female bangle tigers do.

Now I'm looking for a flirty nerdy birdy to be my mate. I mostly want a humming bird who is attracted to my good looks. They would have to be extremely colorful cause even I get bored of me being just plain old white. Along with this they can not be afraid of glasses cause I would want my mate to sit on the edge of my glasses. Oh and they must be smart just like me or that Alex Tang fellow that I have heard so much about, he is supposed to be one of the smartest 7th graders of the Springhouse Middle School world. So those are my requirements if you want to marry this ferociously HOT bangle tiger ;)
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Blackstar's Too White and Nerdy (OFFICIAL REMAKE)