PKH Student Tech Team

Do you have what it takes to join?

Student Tech Team Application

Please fill out the student tech team application by Tuesday, April 28. Click on RCSD Student Tech Team Application to complete. See Mrs. Simmons if you have any questions.

Student Tech Qualifications/Characteristics

  • Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about technology

  • Energetic in pursuing student participation

  • A leader with excellent organizational skills

  • Willing and able to solicit the support of administrators, peers, parents, students, professionals, and community organizations

  • Adaptive, innovative, and reliable in fulfilling duties

  • Knowledgeable of building and staff

  • Trustworthy

What does the Student Tech Team do?

  • Software Installs (from approved list)
  • General Support for teachers and students (creating screencasts for popular software, apps)
  • iPad and Laptop support
  • Updates

Why should I join the Student Tech Team?

  1. Help Others
  2. Learn New Skills
  3. Be a Part of a Team
  4. Contribute to Our School
  5. Get a Nifty Badge

Important Information

  • Mandatory Parent Meeting on May 5 for those that are chosen for the Student Tech Team. You and your parents will sign a contract.
  • Mandatory Summer Training Dates: June 18 and July 9 at County Office in Brandon. The training will be from 9:30 to 2:30 and lunch will be provided.
  • Infractions or abuse of your job will result in removal from the Student Tech Team.
  • You will have work orders to complete and Tech Team course in CANVAS to attend.
  • During your "Help Desk" block, you will remind in the library to help students and teachers. Please do not except to use this time to make up work or run errands.
  • This will look great on a resume and could lead to a summer internship with RCSD ITD.
  • FINALLY - Understand that acceptance to the program will be based on our ability to make this work with your schedule.