Toddler 1 News

August 26-30

What's going on???

This week we had lots of fun! We made cute butterflies with our feet, we worked on a special Grandparents Day gift, read a cool book about cars, and took some exciting buggy rides! We had a practice fire drill on Thursday and all of our kiddos did awesome! We are looking forward to another wonderful week in Toddler 1!

Important Dates

  • Monday September 2nd we will be closed for Labor Day!
  • Grandparent's Day is Friday September 6 from 10-11.
  • Messy Night is September 10 from 5-7
  • Please remember on September 12 from 10:45-3:30 we will be out of the room and there will be substitutes. If you are going to pick up your child during this time, please bring your I.D.