The Federal Reserve System

The Fed

The Feds job is to watch the United States economy and regulate the money use. They also are responsible for forming monetary policy. The Fed supervises the banks around america and makes sure they are following policys and make sure they are running in good conditions. They regulate banks by making sure they are using safe operations. The Fed has 12 district banks around the United States with most of the being on the east coast.

Board of Goveners

The Board of Goveners in headquarted out of Washington D.C.. The purpose of the Board of Goveners is to watch the U.S. economy and supervise banking systems.

Federal Open Market Committe (FOMC)

The FOMC sets monetary policy for banks to follw. They do the buying and selling of goverment securities. They also set reserve rates which is the amount of money a bank must have in its vaults at all times.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

The BEP is responsible for producing and distribution of the countrys currency notes. The BEP dose not produce coins, that is the job of the U.S. mint.

U.S. Mint

The U.S. mint was created in 1792, their responsibility is to produce and distribute coins.