May 2-6


May 9 I am giving the STAAR test so Mrs. Page will be my substitute

May 10 I am giving the STAAR test so Ms Patterson will be by substitute

May 11 Nurses Day

MAy 16-20 Bring $1 to contribute to OSE custodian gift to thank them for their hard work this school year

May 20 Field Day (please pick up a green t-shirt in your child's size, put their name on it and send it in as soon as possible. We will be creating McGhee's Monster t-shirts to wear on field day)

May 24 Speeding to Read field trip and award ceremony (wear orange STR shirts, water bottle, snack in a string backpack)

May 30 Memorial Day-no school

May 31 Market Day (bring cash in small bills and coins in a ziplock bag labeled with their name and my name on it)

June 1 End of year party

June 2 Last Day of School!

WOWSERS!! I am not sure how to thank you all for the amazing Teacher Appreciation Week! To say I felt loved is an understatement. Everything little thing from yummy goodies, to LEF donations in my honor, to sweet smelling candles, to thoughtful gifts, to gift cards, my favorite flowers, lunch and recess duty covered, drinks, lunch and on and on! I can't thank you all enough. I am humbled and I truly appreciate every single kind word and act.

Mrs. Holmes was our mystery reader and we had the best time! She had such great themed books and suprised me with What a Wonderful World! It was so fun. The kids were elated to take home a beautiful rose to their moms that she provided. Thank you for coming and sharing your Friday afternoon with us!

The kids were outstanding on the field trip. It was lovely day of fun. The Beautiful Earth moving was very good. I loved seeing all of the pictures from the Space Station. We had a good time at the park as we picniced and played. Thank you to all of the chaperones and amazing parents that came and met us there. Navigating the snacks at the movie and corraling kids at the park was a big job and I appreciate all of you!

18 more days! I can hardly believe it! As we wind down I want you to offer conferences to anyone that woud like to touch base here at the end. Just email me and we will work out a time. I will be sending home their reading progress information so you can see how they have grown this school year.

Let me explain one thing about next year and class placements though. The arranging of the next year's classes has been completely taken out of our hands. It is being done by Mrs. Hayunga exclusively. I did offer insight and information on each student, kids who need to be separated, any important circumstances, but I have nothing to do with sorting and placements. This is different for us, I'm a control freak and used to having more hands on. That said, I respect Mrs. Hayunga and I am sure she will work hard to set up every class to have the best year possible. Any questions or concerns about it need to be taken directly to her.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day and great weekend!

April McGhee


Math-We have learned to use the metric system and customary units to measure. We will be wrapping up this unit and beginning data and probability.

Language Arts-We are finishing up folktales and will complete writing our very own. We worked on contractions, adding -ed and -ing to words and still some poetry.

Science-We have finished up our unit on plants and are moving on to animals.