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Everybody knows that education play important role in every human life. Every people learn from education more things that we use in our general and professional life. But it's only a fundamental education that teaches us how to live in a proper way. But after basic education, we go forwards to higher schooling. After completing schooling some of us want to jobs and some looking for higher teaching. But good jobs get only those people who have a superior educational degree like MBA programs. Presently, we can get top education in 2 ways- regular mode and e learning mode. As it’s true that in regular classes, students can get a good quality programs, but at that time we can't do any other work like job or professional business. So this distance learning mode of is not so much good for working people. In the case of regular classes generally students have to leave their jobs for attending regular mode programs and it is true that it is very difficult to get admission for regular courses and a very high competition in such courses like Executive MBA, MCA etc. While in distance learning mode like E learning among the professionals is very popular. Because they don't require leaving their jobs and simply can get a higher degree like part time MBA.

But there are some problems in distance learning mba and programs like in this mode there is lack of communication between teachers and students. So this distance learning mode is applicable only for sharp minded learners and those capable to learn themselves. And they are proficient to find solutions themselves.

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