The Queen's day

by talia haliwa and adi aronovich

what the quuen do in the morning?

The queen's working day begins like many people's-at har desk.

Every morning the queen chooses some letters from the public and reads them. she say to her staff how she want they answer.

Every morning the queen meets with two of her privarte secrtarias

And checks the papers and official documents.

what the queen do in the Afternoon?

In the afternoons, The Queen often goes out for Public occupations.

The Queen prepares herself for each visit how it she look and what will she do.

The Queen chooses a large number of orders shipped to any of the events it wants to go.

what the queen do in the evening

In the evening the Queen meets the Prime Minister alone.

Some evenings Queen may attend a movie premiere or concert performances with the assistance of a variety of charitable causes

Queen goes to all kinds of receptions of certain groups in the community

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