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Week of April 27 - May 2, 2020

From Your Principal

Hello Leones,

Happy Day and happy third week of Remote Learning. I know it has been an interesting ride! However, do not give up and DO give into learning, even if things seem uneasy right now. We are worried for those of you that have not logged on. You are cared for and surrounded by many people that love you. Reach out to me, anytime, for anything. During these times, during unfortunate circumstances, it is helpful to focus some of the wonderful possibilities. Possibilities include for all of us to reconnect with ourselves, reconnect with elders and family members (via meet or zoom!), take time to view the sky (it is currently clearer it has been in a long time), enjoy the springtime blooms, or tune in to the sounds of birds (they are extra vocal right now). Stay connected, read this newsletter, and participate! I want you to know that even if it does not feel like it right now, we will be okay. We will be okay.

I hope you enjoy this week's contest winners and find this information useful. Watch the video below..I miss you..our geese miss you (thank you Ivan for capturing nature beautifully!). As always, be kind to each other, act in love, talk in love, and become love.

Your Principal,




Continue to log on to Google Classroom, check your e mails, and engage with teachers. Our aim, as a college-bound school, is to provide you with learning opportunities that will support you next year and in college. Keeping a routine will support you when we return to campus. Now is a great opportunity to IMPROVE your grades. We cannot emphasize this enough. Currently, and during this era, your grade cannot drop/decrease from the grade you had on March 13, 2020. It can only improve. Additionally, you will learn skills that would be helpful as you move forward in your high school and college career. This is a very strong opportunity for you to pass ALL classes in Semester 2.

Teachers will track your submitted assignments and missing assignments. Submitted assignments, can and may, only IMPROVE your grade. So track your grade on PowerSchool. Again, it is important for you to engage so that you may improve your grade and continue in a routine of learning.

Lastly, please note that there is a change in the schedule. Please see the changes below. Changes were made to allow for a 60 minutes lunch break.

Big picture


Hi Leones,

As always, I want to start by saying that you continue to be in my thoughts, and I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. Week two of distance learning is behind us, and my hope is that you are building a routine around the current educational and communication platforms being used. That said, remember to be patient with yourself and ask for help! You got this!

Over the last month, I have connected with your parents/guardians via phone and provided them with tools they can use to help and support you with distance learning. Please make sure that when they ask you if you are submitting assignments, joining class meetings, and/or responding to teacher outreach, you are honest.

Your teachers, with the help of your parents, are doing their best to support you, and our goal is to continue to provide you with the best education possible.

So this week’s tip for success: Be Honest!

There are many loving and caring teachers and staff members who are eager to extend their support. Reach out with any questions or concerns.

Miss you! STAY SAFE and HEALTHY!

Mr. Monroy


Alum Rock Counseling Services continue. The sessions are held virtually or by phone. Reach out if you would like support!

Support your parents in participating in our Parent Workshops! Your parents are your biggest supporters, so help them log on! The next workshop is on Wednesday, April 29th at 12PM, "The Importance of Grades and Transcripts".

Food Distribution:

Mondays: Our Lady of Peace (2800 Mission College Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95054)

Tuesdays: Our Lady of Refuge (Closest to LVLA) (2165 Lucretia Ave San Jose, CA 95122) (5PM-7PM)

Wednesdays: St. Martin of Tours (200 O'Connor Dr. San Jose, CA 95128) (9AM-11AM)

Thursdays: St. John Vianney (4600 Hyland Ave San Jose, CA 95127) (9AM-11AM)

Fridays: St. Lucy's Campbell (2350 S Winchester Blvd Campbell, CA 95008) (10AM-12PM)

Saturdays: Santa Teresa Parish (794 Calero Ave San Jose, CA 95123)


Class of 2021, following up to your in-person meetings, you and your family will receive an A-G and Graduation update notification letter and copy of your transcript. Once you receive it and have questions, do not hesitate to Ms.Canales. If you are enrolled in Cyber High, log on! This is an opportunity for you to get on track for A-G and/or graduation. If you need support, please reach out.

Class selections for 2020/2021 will happen in the few few weeks. You will need to select your schedule in PowerSchool. Ms.Canales is hosting live sessions to go over the process and classes you need to elect, as well as review elective options and descriptions. Please respond to the invites she sent you and participate. You can go to your Google Calendar and see the invite, or you may reference the e mail you received with the invitation, it includes the link to the live session. Respond to the invite by saying "Yes" you are attending.

The live sessions to learn about the process for class selections for 2020/2021 are as follows:

Class of 2021 - Tuesday @ 3:25 - 4:05 P.M.
Class of 2022 - Wednesday @ 3:25 - 4:05 P.M.

Class of 2023 - Thursday @ 3:25 - 4:05 P.M.


Announcements for Seniors:

  • What you should be working on: Submitting your Intent to Enroll & Deposit, and finalizing your Financial Aid Packages. Need help with these? Text us at (408) 430-7402.

  • Fill out this survey regarding your final college decision and plans after school. Please complete THIS survey by Tuesday, April 28th

  • Missed Friday’s webinar “College 101: What a College First Term looks like”? No problem, you can watch the recording here. We will continue to have webinars every Friday at 1pm. It is very important that you attend, since we are sharing lots of important tips for college- both 4 year universities AND community college!

Announcements for Juniors:

  • Click here to read the most recent SAT Update

  • Upcoming Workshops:

    • Sign up for Thursday College Lessons with Angel! Check the Class of 2021 Google Classroom or your email for the sign-up link

    • Junior Summer Boot Camp Opportunity: Summer College Essay Writing Boot Camp is coming up in June! Keep an eye out for that sign-up sheet.

    • Preparing for your College Applications Workshops

      • You can still join part 2 of the webinar! Complete this survey to sign up!

      • Part 1: If you missed it, you can watch the recording here.

      • Part 2 is April 29th, 4pm-5:00pm and will cover: Planting Seeds for Your College Application & Essays

        • Big Picture Stuff: 5 Tips for Keeping Stress Low and Creativity High

        • A Sane College Application Timeline

        • The Importance of Finding and Showing Your Core Values

        • How to Create a Great Activities List

        • What’s the Additional Info Section, Anyway?

        • The Purpose of the Personal Statement & Fun Ways to Find Your Personal Statement Topic

        • 50+ College Application Resources

  • Have some time on your hands right now? Take a virtual college campus tour here! Campus Reel - Tours are led by current students!

Information Technology

If you have a need, please contact our front office at 408.384.4015. Item pick up times are 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 - 4:00 P.M., Monday-Through Friday. We will schedule an appointment for you so that you may pick up your needed item at TFHE Main Building. By appointment only.



Angelo Tovar (27th)

Jennifer Castro-Alba (30th)


Uziel Valdez (1st)

Jennifer Espinoza (2nd)

The Foundation for Hispanic Education Updates

For Student and Families Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) go to the following link.


The Raisin Exercise

This is a great introductory exercise to start practicing mindfulness since it can be attempted by anyone with any kind of food (although one with an interesting or unusual texture, smell, or taste is best).

In this exercise, take a few raisins (or almond, walnut, etc.) and pretend you have never seen a raisin before. Pay careful attention to:

  • The way the raisin looks;
  • How it feels;
  • How their skin responds to its manipulation;
  • Its smell;
  • Its taste.

Focusing on the single object of the raisin is meant to bring your mind to the present, to what is right in front of you. We may be used to raisins, and not used to taking time to actually notice them.

When you follow these instructions and take notice, it is much easier to focus on what is in front of you. If your mind does wander, that is natural too. Gently guide it back to the exercise. So give it a go.

Class of 2020 UPDATES

Finals are May 25-May 29, 2020. Check out day is Friday, May 29, 2020.

College Decision Day is coming up. Have you made your decision?

Without a confirmed date by our state to host large gatherings, we are constantly brainstorming ways of how we will celebrate graduation and college signing. Stay tuned for more information.


Just Breathe, a short film, created by Junior Willam Fletes is a powerful reminder. Sit back and enjoy! Congratulations William and thank you for sharing your talent for film, we are 100% looking forward more film created by you.

Just Breathe - Short Film by William Fletes

Just Breathe Short Film

Drawing in Fast Forward by Jairo Lima

Jairo shares not only his art, but art on video! Congratulations, Jairo and thank you for submitting! What's next???
Jairo Lima


Enter your video for a chance to win a $50 Target Gift Card!!! Yes, you read that correctly! Because why not, we are Luis Valdez Leadership Academy and we specialize in sharing your voice through film! Your original video can be you singing, a commercial, a short film, a DIY project, a recipe, standup, anything, as long as it is appropriate and YOU created it! The winning video will receive a $50 Target Gift Card and published in next week's Lion Roar! Come on...SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT!


  • Email your video to Ms.Gonzalez at by Friday, May 1, 2020 midnight, using your LVLA email account.
  • Entry must be an LVLA student.
  • Video can be any style, on an appropriate subject.
  • Must be original work.
  • Video must be free of vulgar, offensive, or inappropriate images and language..

People That Changed the World

Lizzie Velásquez

As a Latina motivational speaker and a rare disease advocate, Lizzie Velásquez has made strides in advocating for people who have both disability identities and Hispanic heritage. Velásquez was born with a rare congenital condition, which has resulted in many health impacts and physical symptoms for the 27-year-old, including the inability to gain weight.

Due to her appearance, Velásquez was relentlessly bullied as a child. That bullying followed her online, once given the horrific title of "World's Ugliest Woman" in a YouTube video that circulated widely. But the anti-bullying advocate has turned her struggle into triumph, touring the globe as a powerful voice against bullying. A film of her life, titled A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velásquez Story, has also made waves at film festivals around the world.

Learn More

How Do You Define Yourself?

I Choose To Be Happy:

DIY Hanging Plant Holder in 1 Minute! (Great Mother's Day Gift Idea!)

Cómo hacer un colgador para macetas en 1 minuto


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