Matthew Alves 8N

Country Basics

The name of the country is Pakistan. The capital of Pakistan is called Islamabad. The color green on the flag means Islam, it is believed to be the favorite color of Prophet Muhammad. White represents religious minorities and minority religions. Crescent means progress. The star represents light and knowledge.
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Pakistan is in Asia and the countries that surround Pakistan is Iran, Afghanistan, India and China. One of the major landforms is Hindu Kush. Major bodies of water inn Pakistan is Indus River and Rivers of Sindh.


Pakistan government is Federal Republic. The president of Pakistan is Mamnoon Hussian. The leaders are chosen by voting.


Pakistan is a poor country with $1,275. Pakistan has their own money called Pakistan Rupees. Their main imports are manufactured good and mineral fuels. Pakistan main exports are rice, house linens and non retail pure cotton yarn.


The language that they speak is Punjabi or Sindhi. The religion of Pakistan is Muslim. Muslim's believed that God revealed holy books or scriptures to a number of God's messengers. These include the Quran given to Muhammad, the Torah given to Moses, the Gospel given to Jesus, the Psalms given to David, and the Scrolls given to Abraham. They also believe men were made from a cot of blood.


In Pakistan the average rainfall yearly is 250mm. The average temperature in Pakistan is 70F. The climate impacts the environment because in Pakistan they have a lot of floods and the temperature is hot in the morning and really cold in the evening.


March 2, 1963, Pakistan and China sign a border agreement in Peking (Beijing). This shows Pakistan and China signed a border agreement so their is no problems with people or immigrants going to other countries without permission. November 30, 2014, Iran built a border to stop Pakistan citizens from illegal crossings and drug smuggling. This shows Iran and Pakistan is now teaming up to stop illegal crossings and drug smuggling.

Compare & Contrast

The comparing and contrasting with be done with language and religion. Pakistan difference with the United States is Pakistan mostly speaks Punjabi and Sindhi and the United States mostly speaks English and Spanish. They are similar because they both something other than that. Pakistan religions are Muslims and the United States religion are Roman Catholic and Protestant. These are similar because both of these countries have Muslims and Christians.