Georgia Colonization

Welcome To Our Colony

Founded By James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe was a former British general and as well as a member of a Parliament , After leaving the army he devoted himself on helping the poor and those who were in debt. Oglethorpe and 21 others had created a charter for land which soon was granted and signed by the King on June 9, 1732. He later sailed the seas later settling in South Carolina in 1733. They colonist soon found land and built forts and a compound surrounded by a wall. The colony grew exponentially off of tobacco and other plants , the colony was then names after King George II of Great Britain

What We Have To Offer

In Georgia we have discovered multiple cash crops such as tobacco, rice and indigo. These crops have had tremendous success in bringing wealth to our colony. We allow religious exercise by all religions except Roman Catholic.There are many ways for colonist to make shillings such as Plantation owners , Cobblers , and Blacksmiths. We also are known for giving and allowing Debtors that were imprisoned in previous colonies to come to Georgia and start their lives anew.

Guaranteed prosperity and farm land

Opportunities We Have For Families

We have many job opportunities for individuals and families in our colonies. The women have jobs such as cooking, cleaning and helping men harvest crops. The jobs for men were planters , farmers , tradesmen and politicians. All of these jobs play a important role in our colony to help us expand and grow.
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