Walter Dean Myers 216 pages

Catch Phrase

"Thugs will always be thugs".


A boy names Jamal Hicks is a poor boy who gets in trouble in his life with school, family, and friends. Jamal tries to earn money to get his brother Randy out of jail but he lacks in money and could not get him out. He then, with his friend Tito go to Randy's gang called The Scorpians and accept a gun from one of the members. They also told him to be the leader , but Jamal had to think about it. Jamal then takes the gun to school because of a fight, but when he took it out a boy named Dwayne told the principal and Jamal had to get rid of the gun before anything else happens. When he tries to throw it away with Tito, two members of the Scorpians and come attack Jamal and right when they were about to stab Jamal, Tito shot them. Tito's family then finds out that he shot someone so the police demand him to move back to Puerto Rico and Jamal promised that he will get enough money to buy a boat that Tito wanted and he will ride it to Puerto Rico.

Point of View

This is in third person omniscient because the narrator has full access to the minds and thoughts of the two main characters.


The theme of the story has things to do with friendship, honesty, trust, and making hard decisions.

Theme to My Life

The theme of the story can apply to my life because I trust people to do things that I cannot do. I have some friendships that are very strong. I need to trust honest people. The most hardest one in my life would be making decisions. Making decisions is hard because I might want something that is valuable to me but could hurt others so I have to get rid of it.