Chisholm Summer Adventures

Week 2: Cooking

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Grades PK-2 Yum, Yum In Our Tum

Read cooking or food books. Help your grown up make your favorite foods.

PK-2 DREME - Development & Research in Early Math Education

Cooking together offers many learning opportunities for talking about math. This site has tips for families and recipes to try.

PK-2 My favorite tradition is...

On a piece of paper, draw a tradition your family keeps. Pretend this is your refrigerator! What traditions do you have on your favorite holiday? Describe how you feel on your favorite holiday. With an adult, make one of your favorite snacks.

PK-2 Donut Design

Our town bakers need a new shape for their doughnuts! Create a new shape for a doughnut and explain to your family why your design should be the new shape for doughnuts. You could use clay to create a model of your new shape, or just draw it on paper.

PK - 5 Cooking in the Kitchen!

Hands on cooking activities help children develop confidence and skills. Following recipes encourages children to be self-directed and independent. It also teaches them to follow directions and develop problem-solving skills. Here's some recipes you can follow!

If site is blocked, look for "8 Fun and Creative Recipes to Make With Your Kids" on youtube.

Grades 3-5 Food Truck Fun!

Food trucks are the latest! Design your own food truck and share it with your family.

Grades 3-5 Baking Math for Families and Young Children

Ten habits to form to employ math skills in baking.

Grades 3-5 Food is All Around Me!

What are your favorite foods? Where did they come from? Make a list of the ingredients to see the country of origin. Next time you are out and about, look at the different restaurants in Edmond. Identify 5 different cultural traditions you see around town.

Grades 3-5 Kitchen Tool Design

A chef has just moved to a new, smaller kitchen. You have been tasked to design a new tool for this chef that is able to do multiple tasks. Using 10 items or less, design a tool that can do two different kitchen tasks, such as stirring and flipping.

Shout out to Channing for answering 277 IXL questions this week!

PK-5 IXL Challenge of the Week

Grades 2-5 go into your math learning. Find Units of Measurement. Work through 1 IXL lesson each day this week.

Grades K-1 go into your math learning. Find Measurement. Work through 1 IXL lesson each day this week.

PK go into your math learning. Find Size. Work through 1 IXL lesson each day this week.

In the month of June, Chisholm Chargers have answered 6,591 IXL questions!

PK-2 Digital Citizenship - Saying Goodbye to Technology

Sometimes it can be hard to get off of a device when you're having fun! Watch this video for tips on how to say goodbye to a device when your time is up.

Ask the following questions:

1. Do you ever have a hard time pausing when you're in the middle of watching a show or playing a game? If so, why do you think it's hard to pause?

2. Why do you think it's important to stop what you're doing and pause for people, even if you don't want to?

Grades 3-5 Digital Citizenship - The Power of Words Online

Discuss the power of words especially when chatting online and answer these questions with an adult at home:

1. Why do you think the other player made those comments to Guts?

2. What did Guts do in response to the mean words?

3. How is getting called names online similar to getting called names in person?

4. What are the rules of S.T.O.P.? What can you do if someone is mean to you online?