Ruining Relationships

Social media and texting can ruin relationships...

By: Emma'lee Hashaway

Social media and texting can ruin relationships when they are used too much.

Texting can often get teens in trouble when it comes down to writing. “Texting and tweeting are getting teens in trouble when they have to write in the real world” (Potenza 1). Social media could potentially ruin friendships or relationships, if something bad happens on it. Texting and social media have many impacts on different people around the world today. “The advertising industry views teenagers in society as a viable segment, because of their immature understanding of the media and its dazzling impact on teen and young undeveloped brains” (Sacedalmehairi 1).

For me, social media and texting, are slowly finding a way to ruin my relationships with my family members. Most of the time when my family and I go out to eat, I’ll be on my phone. I’m usually on Instagram, Snapchat, Brighten, or texting my friends. "Older girls who text are the most active, with 14-17 year-old girls typically sending 100 or more messages a day or more than 3,000 texts a month" (Lenhart 1). My parents will get frustrated, and they never seize to remind me that we’re supposed to be having family time. Then my sister reminds them that I’m still a teenager, but they never budge. “ And they’ve got an appetite for technology, too: on average, teens spend eight hours a day surfing the ‘Net, talking or texting on the phone, and watching TV” (Frank 1).I feel like teenagers use their phones more than any other age group in the world. “A 2008 study of teenage grammar use in the digital age found that 64 percent of teenagers used informal writing style typical of electronic communication in their schoolwork” (Potenza 2). It’s not our fault that we’re addicted to our phones.

There are many things that can help MY addiction to my phone. When my family goes out to eat, I can leave my phone in the car. Leaving my phone in the car means I can’t use it in the restaurant. That also means that I’ll be able to talk to my family more. If we eat at home, I can leave my phone charging or on my bed. Then when we have family movie night, I can leave my phone in my room as well.

As I said before, social media and texting can ruin relationships, if you let them. I’m going to start changing the ways I do things, and you should too. I want to spend more time communicating with my family when we eat. My family will be very happy with my new decisions. Yes, social media and texting are great, but there’s a time for everything. I’m not going to let my phone ruin my relationships with others, are you?

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