Antonio Vivaldi

1678-1741 Aamina D.

Vivaldi's Early Life

Antonio Vivaldi was born into a large family of four brothers and four sisters, on March 4, 1678, in Venice. He was plagued with asthma since birth, though this did not inhibit his love for music. He pursued his love for composing, and learnt to play violin. His father was his only teacher, and Vivaldi first attempted to follow in his footsteps by becoming a priest.

Picture of Antonio Vivaldi:

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16th Century Map of Venice

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Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice, Italy, and stayed there for most of his life. He taught at Ospedale della Pieta, the Hospital of Mercy, for forty years. Vivaldi's orchestra mainly were residents at the hospital. The hospital mainly housed poor and orphaned girls, and it was a shock to society that young girls were allowed to perform.

Four Seasons:

Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi
The Four Seasons is Vivaldi's most renowned composition. The Four Seasons is known as some of the most descriptive music to have been written. This piece was inspired by four paintings by Marco Ricci, each showing a different season. The Four Seasons is falls into the category of programme music, music that tells a story or paints a picture. When listening to the Four Seasons, it is apparent that the music was categorized correctly.

Vivaldi's other works include:

  • L'estro Armonico
  • La Starvaganzs
  • Le Quattro Stagione
  • Le Cetra

Vivaldi's Legacy

Though Vivaldi may be dead, his music is still renowned and applauded. The Four Seasons are played throughout the globe, and his hundreds of violin concertos are frequently played. The variety of instruments he composed pieces for is astounding! He wrote 500 pieces for the mandolin, viola d'amore, oboe, recorder, bassoon, cello, horn, flute, and trumpet. Vivaldi was a priest, and, therefore, had no children who could carry on his legacy.


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