Locked in the Louvre

by Haley Scheidt Block 2

Exposition And Conflict

Lily and her family were visiting the Louver. Lily's family always take her to the same old boring soil exhibit. When Lily's parents go to the restroom. Lily sneaks of to see her own exhibits everything goes wrong...SHE GETS LOCKED IN THE LOUVER!

Rising Action And Climax

Lily gets locked in The Louver for the night. Since she was alone at least she thought she was until she met... Olivia A Talking Fish. Olivia leads Lily to the Egyptain Exhibit to see Jeni The Mummy princess. Jeni sends Olivia and Lily falling down a pipe to the outide of The Louver.

Falling Action And Denouement

Lily and Olivia ended up outside of The Louver. Olivia has to go back inside before the sun comes up. Olivia dissappers leaving Lily all alone. Lily calls her parents to be picked up. Lily is taken home and Everything is back to normal.