University of Texas @Tyler!!!

come join our campus

Campus Life

Here at our university we have many fun activities just for YOU! Patriot Zone is our one of a kind game room with all your favorite games. In our STRESS FREE ZONE some nights we like to have movie nights and other nights we like to play glow in the dark capture the flag. There are concert, comedians, and speakers that come here and help us relieve your stress. Lets not forget about Homecoming!!!

Our SPORTS Program

Athletics includes:women-Basketball, Cross Country, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field,Volleyball.

Men-Basketball,Cross Country, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field.

guaranted to be relaxing and fun


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Entrance Requriements

High school rank : minimum total ACT : minimum total SAT

  • Top 25%. : 20. :1410
  • 2nd 25%. :21 :1500
  • 3rd 25%. :22. : 1530
  • 4th 25%. : 23. : 159


Total of 7,519 students UT Tyler students represents 47 nations-41states-131 countries.

The total resident students-773


Instate -$50per semester credit our.

Out state-360per semester credit hour.

Make Friends with our HOUSING options

Orneal's Residence Hall- Double occupancy=$2839.50-Triple Occupancy=$3176.50

Patriot Village- 4bed 2bath=$330.50 -2bed 1bath $3952

Pine University- 1bed 1bath-$798 - 2bed 1 bath $585 -4 bed 2bath$499

mmmm.. our dining options smell delicious


Washington Plan- 19 all you can eat meals per week / 50.00 dinning dollars. 1,650 plus tax per semester.

Jefferson Plan- 15 all you can eat meals per week/100dining dollars/ 1650 plus tax per semester.

Lincoln Plan- 10all you can eat meals peer week/250dining dollars/1650 plus tax per semester.

*SPIRIT PLAN* (For people always on the go) Orange Plan- 6 all you can eat meals per week/300dining dollars/1028 plus tax per semester

Blue Plan-4 all you can eat meals per week/200dining dollars /649 plus tax per semester.


The classes are taught from a professor instead of a teachers assistance and we have a passion of what they teach. Rather than teach from right out the book. They not only give you academic attention but get to know you as a person.

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