Maggilyn Cardenas World Geography 11/09/14

Why visit Honduras?

Honduras has an amazing ocean called the Caribbean Sea. If you get to travel to the Caribbean Sea you will be able to spot dolphins, sea turtles, rays, sharks, octopuses, squids, fish, and corals. The best of these sea animals are the whale sharks. There are whale shark tours that will be allow to give you a chance to see them really close! The best part of Honduras is that is really cheap. Staying at a hotel can cost you only 12 dollars a night.

They're religion

The main religion is Christianity(Roman Catholic church). It exist a small percentage of protestants, Jews and Muslims. Almost all people there believe in God and Jesus Christ.

The language

Honduras' official language is Spanish. In Honduras a "hello" is "hola".
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The major ethnics groups

Lenca, Miskito, Garifuna, Chorti, English-speaking Afro-Caribbean, Pech, Tawahca,

Honduras customs/traditions

In the first week of February Hondurans celebrate "La Feria de la Virgen de Suyapa", that it's festivities being held in honor of the patron saint Honduras, The Virgin of Suyapa. La Ceiba carnival is the largest and wildest of all Honduras festivals. It is known as La Feria de San Isidro. Pinto is the main "ritmo" of Honduras. In the Caribbean, salsa, merengue, reggae, and reggaeton are heard. Mexican rancheras are heard in the interior, rural part of the country. Honduras has many tasty traditional meals however, a good meal must always include beans, rice, and tortillas. Most Hondurans have a "baleada" in the morning, which consists of a large flour tortilla with re-fried beans and cream. A "pastelito" for lunch is very delicious. Pastelitos consists of a flour or corn tortilla filled with either beef or chicken, it may include potatoes and some spices. They are folded in half, and then deep fried.

What do Hondurans do for a living

Honduras has a 60% of poverty. Hondurans work very hard to earn on an average of 183.00 a month. Hondurans can work as, crafts leather wallet, farmers, or in apparel shops.

Holidays and Festivals

Honduras celebrates the day of the child in September 10th. Honduras children celebrate in home, school or with their friends. This is basically a special day to celebrate the kids. Organizations buy gifts for the kids and the kids play all day and the get away with it simply by saying its their day.
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