Mixed Economy

By: Tasfia M. and Christopher G. 6th period

Come join us!

The mixed economy is the best possible economy you'll ever be in! Both the people and government decides whats best. So no worry about people going crazy with what they want or the government taking full control. We are all in this together.

The facts

+As shown by the images above countries with a mixed economy have a better GDP than other economies.

+A mixed economy minimizes the disadvantages to a market economy by giving control to both the people and the government. Such as bad communities and crimes created by the peoples choice.

Economics & Government : What Is a Mixed Economy?

Pros & Cons

Although many people believe that a mixed economy is unequal having too much freedom can cause many problems. These problems include less government control which means less money and services to provide for schools hospitals and other services. As well as bad communities and less control.


Although a mixed economy is seen as repressive and unequal it is the best possible economy to be in. Here we will keep our community and people safe and happy!