Silent Retreat

A Unique Experience

Who Are We For?

Silent Retreat is geared towards people who wish to experience what it's like to be hearing impaired and/or improve their sign language.

What Do We Do?

Background of Silent Retreat

We wanted to create a controlled environment which would make the experience more powerful, whether it’s feeling empathy toward the hearing impaired or immersing yourself in sign language.

This retreat was organized by a dedicated staff who cares about spreading awareness of hearing disabilities. The facilities are outfitted with specialized equipment to simulate the difficulties of a disabled person’s life (Ex: TV's with no sound). We will provide transportation at the retreat site and also invited guest speakers. There will be many fun activities that provides insight on being hearing impaired.

Silent Retreat is an utterly unique experience. There are language learning camps and camps for disability support, but none combine the two. We bring it all together into one memorable trip!