Linear, Quadratic, or Exponential?

That is the question.

Step 1: Linear or Non-Linear

Follow the link and complete 10 practice questions. Record your score on your Graphic organizer.

Step 2: Find an Exponential or Quadratic Function

Use the internet to find a real world example of a quadratic or exponential situation. You may want to google "Exponential middle school example"

Step 3: Rate this video

Watch the following video to and complete the 3-2-1 about it.

Step 4: Correct Rebecca's work

After Rebecca looked at the graph, she wrote the following:

"I think this graph is definately not a linear graph because the rate of change is very different. I think this graph shows a quadratic relationship because when you subtract the differences of the time, you get the same ammount."

Do you think Rebecca is correct? Be sure to explain how you know.

Big image

Step 5: Compare and Contrast Exponential and Quadratic

You may want to use this video and link to compare the two types of functions

Step 6: Quiz time!

Answer the questions below to show your understanding of Quadratic and Exponential Formulas.

All done????

Nice Job!

Feel free to return to Step 1 and improve your score, or follow any of the links below to explore functions more!