All About Me!

A Lisgar Student

Hello, There!!

Hi, my name is Krisha, and I study in Lisgar Middle School! I have always had a great interest in artistic work, such as painting, singing, photography, and that is why I think that my ambition of becoming a Hollywood film director will soon become reality.

How i came to canada

I was born on October 10, 2003, the largest full moon day of the year. I was born in Maryland, America, which is the reason why I have American citizenship. A few years after my brother was born, my family moved to Canada, because my parents thought that America was not a safe environment. This meant that I would have to make new friends, and worst of all, leave the house that I was born in. When I moved to Canada, I was really shy. No one wanted to talk to me, and so for two years, I had no actual friends. Years past, and I started making more and more friends. Life in Canada wouldn't be so hard after all!!!

My Hobbies:

What do i want from my life?

My interest in photography has taken a whole new level. It started of as taking pictures for fun, and now I have chosen that what I want from my life is to become a successful Hollywood film director. This way I can entertain people by making movies, not only in Canada, but across the seven seas! With my excellence in photography, I am sure that I will accomplish my ambition.

"My Favourite Quotes"