Meat & Potatoes

October 12th - October 16th

Up & Coming Events

Adam Saenz - Monday @ 7:45

Staff Picture - Monday @ 2:00

Pride Awards - Tuesday

Leadership Council - Tuesday @ 4:15

College Day - Wednesday

Pride Awards - Thursday

Chili Cook-off - Friday

Spirit Hat Day - Friday

A safety drill will be conducted at some point this week.


Perla Garza has joined the Oakwood Family as a new instructional aide for the Dual Language Teams. She should be starting some time next week.

Monday's Expectations

Everyone needs to arrive at Consol by 7:45 AM. Breakfast will be served and we will begin promptly at 8:30 AM. I will have the sign-in sheets for the morning session and you will need to find me to sign-in.

Everyone needs to wear their green staff polo with black or dark pants.

Staff Photo

On Monday Afternoon we will meet in the cafeteria at 2:00 for our staff photo. Everyone needs to wear their green staff polo with black or dark pants.


As we conduct our walk-throughs next week, we will be looking to see if you have your essential questions posted on the board.

Rocco's Corner

We have issued our last available radio to the Owl team leader and the Falcons will continue to borrow the Bulldog radio when they go out to recess. Announcing when a team is taking the field or patio for recess is a great help to safety. Many incidents are avoided when PE is informed of the coming groups.

Duty Assignments

All duty assignments have been updated and posted in the Admin Folder within the OWTIF. Be sure to know your duty station and to be on time at 7:45! Click here for the AM/PM Duty Roster and here for the Lunch Duty Roster.