The Economic Conflicts leading to its as of now poor state

Ethiopia's Social Progress Development

Ethiopia right now has a Social Progress Index of 32.1. This number places Ethiopia in the bottom rung when compared to many other countries. Ethiopia's shinning section that allows it to maintain as a number such as 32.1 is its economic sustainability, which is the second best in the world. The rest of the numbers making up the SPI are all around the 49th or 50th percentile, which is why this country is in the state of disarray it is now.

Issues Adding to Ethiopia's Economic Conflict

Who is Working to Fix This?

Becho Weliso and the Feed the Future initiative

Is a large cooperative, which gives local jobs to many Ethiopians, and creates materials such as agricultural bags, which benefit the farming society. It has recently paired up with ACDI/VOCA in the Feed the Future Initiative, and is working to combat hunger and poverty in their country.

Becho Weliso