Sora updates!

September 2020

New purchasing model available for a simultaneous access option!

This new option is super cool! If you have been hoping and planning to spend funds on ebooks and audiobooks, Overdrive just rolled out another option, which may help with those requests like, "Is there any way I can get ebooks or audiobooks to everyone in my 6th grade class for Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus?" This new model is called "MA: 100 checkouts (concurrent users)".

The new model is a little bit Metered Access, a little bit Cost per Circ. It appears to be a whole lot of reasonable pricing. When you utilize this purchasing model (when available), it expires after 100 checkouts, but it allows multiple students to check it out at the same time. (Note: unlike Cost per Circ, these titles can be assigned.) Here's how to find those titles...

Screencast on new purchasing model

If you need more assistance once you start digging, let me know. It can be overwhelming to see how many titles in Overdrive have this model...but we'll help you figure it out.

The free simultaneous access doc is back!

Check out what's currently available for simultaneous access in Sora. This is a doc to share out with your teachers. These titles are available for the entire school year, until August 2021!

WSWHE Sora Simultaneous Access Document (please share with teachers!)

Titles with more than one copy available (besides simultaneous access)

We do have titles in our collection with more than one copy! Most of the time it's a couple, but this doc will show you which ones have 5, 10, or even over 20 copies. At the moment, it's organized with the most copies first, so you have an easy reference if you are wondering what we have in our collection that could be assigned to small or large groups of students.

Titles in Sora with more than one copy as of September 14, 2020 (sorted by most copies first)

Sora and Overdrive Marketplace FAQs

If you need screencasts and quick answers about Sora and Overdrive Marketplace, check out our Google website pages on these topics. And as always, feel free to reach out to us.

Sora FAQs

Overdrive Marketplace FAQs

New purchases!

We've purchased some new ebooks and audiobooks, as well as re-purchasing some expired or about-to-expire metered access titles. And as always, we do take requests when we can! (We can't purchase class sets, but we can purchase individual titles, occasionally with a few copies.) More purchases will be coming soon.