An Educational Opportunity to Excite Students in Learning

Teachers are using Edmodo

“Edmodo is the educational graph for learning”said Hoffman in an article from the Wall Street Journal’s technology section called Digits. Edmodo has been backed by over $15 million for funding, Edmodo is taking off at a Facebook growth pace. Edmodo looks a lot like Facebook or a well-developed Sharepoint site. It has the user friendliness of a Facebook or Linked In. It functions like a primed business site like Sharepoint with its much need level of security.

Currently Edmodo is primarily used in the United States by 75% of its users. This product is so unique, freetech4teachers.com listed 15 things teachers and students can do with Edmodo: Here are some of the ones I think are helpful

  • Post assignments for students
  • Create digital libraries
  • Post message (kind of facebook)
  • Post quizzes
  • Post polls
  • Create learning groups
  • Connect with other teachers

  • Form instructional and learning groups for how to do other things with Edmodo
  • Manage calendars for events and alerts for assignments
  • Assignment turn-in option
  • Create parent accounts
  • Embed and stream video
  • Etc…..

With so many options, teachers are starting to this learning ability to capture our young people’s minds and attention using technology. Teachers are not using it to replace the classroom. They are using it as a tool to enhance the student's experience.

Accessible via Smart Phone or Tablet

A Full Introduction To Edmodo