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GEARup2READ Book Drive: Heroic Readers become Heroic Leaders

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How to Join the Mission in March

You may visit Barnes and Noble in Flint (Miller Rd.) to purchase in store or for other book ideas to donate to the GEARup2READ Book Drive!

*Make sure to let them know you are donating to the GEARup2READ Book Drive.

You may purchase the book(s) online by clicking on the title within the description of the heroic books and drop the books off at one of our drop off centers in Genesee County.

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*Can't drop them off? Use our address as the shipping address:
GEARup2LEAD 601 S. Saginaw St. Flint, MI 48502

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Our List of Suggested Heroic Books

Featured book by Flintstones Kelvin Torbert and Kellon Brandon: KT & Radical Roundball

KT & Radical Roundball

KT & The Radical Roundball is a colorful journey for all to share. This book teaches incredible lessons of the heart (humility, patience, service, hard work) while entertaining all who read it.

Don't miss the March 4th Kickoff at Barnes and Noble in Flint.

7 p.m. story time and book signing with author, Kellen Brandon and Kelvin Torbert!

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