Te Panui - 1 April 2022

Western Heights High School


Kia ora

The first week of the hybrid learning model has worked well and it is promising to see attendance rates of the students beginning to increase. Currently we have a number of staff absent due to either having Covid or being household contacts. So just as a reminder, to be

able to manage daily operations we will follow the same format as this week. When students

are not required at school they should continue with remote learning at home using Google

Classroom. Staff will be available for Google Meets and Zoom classes on Wednesday.

Monday 4 - Tuesday 5 April

Only Year 11, 12 and 13 students at school

Thursday 7 - Friday 8 April

Only Year 9 and 10 students at school

The bubble for students under the age of 14 whose caregivers have already notified the

school that their child requires supervision, will continue to operate on all days. Thank you

for your continued efforts to engage our students with their distance learning. We will

communicate decisions about the last week of term on Thursday 7 April.

If you have any questions with the work that has been placed for your child on Google

Classroom please contact the teacher concerned directly - you can email them using their

first initial and last name eg ateacher@whhs.school.nz

Looking ahead to Term 2 it is great to see the large number of co-curricular groups and

winter sports starting. I encourage all students to become involved in the wide range of

opportunities that the school offers. This promotes wellbeing, friendships, and a sense of

belonging and pride in the school. Last year we saw a 4% increase of students participating

in sport despite Covid restrictions and this year we would like to see this continue to grow.

I would also like to congratulate Bailey Conlon, who has qualified in 15 of the 17 swimming events to compete in the Virtus Oceania Asia Games in Australia later this year. This is an outstanding achievement.

Ngā mihi

James Bracefield



School App

Western Heights High School app is a useful tool for many caregivers. There are multiple user friendly features in the app which you may find helpful, from attendance notification to calendar of events, term dates, and the Kamar portal. We recommend enabling notifications to ensure you don't miss any important communication.

Please follow the button below to download the free App to your phone.

For those of you already utilising the school app please remember to update your alert group subscriptions to ensure you are still receiving notifications for the correct year level and groups.

If you have any questions about the school app, please feel free to contact the office, we will be happy to help.

Homework Centre

The Homework Centre is held in the library and is open from 3.10pm to 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday. The library is a safe environment for students to attend. It is also open at lunch times for reading and completing homework. We ask everyone to remember to respect our staff, books and devices.

We have two Library Monitors who come and support during lunch time. All students are welcome. If it is raining the Year 13s will be in the Library during this time.

Naku Noa

Whaea Piria


Working Through Adversity

The results from the students within the Food Department so far this year have been very impressive. Our student’s ability to overcome adversity has been tested once again with the majority rising to the challenge. They have had to participate and work respectfully, while making good decisions in order to achieve the outstanding results which have been delivered. It’s been pleasing to see our learners overcoming many obstacles during the term while continually striving to be the best they can be.




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Business Hub Happenings

The 2022 Business curriculum staff of Lyn Henshilwood, Dylan Douglas and Ewan McLeod are encouraged by the increased class sizes in this year’s cohort and looking forward to providing them with contextual learning and practical opportunities.

“One of the really exciting things about our subject areas of Accounting, Business Studies and Economics is that our tauira have the chance to experience real-life situations,” says Ewan McLeod, teacher in charge of Business Studies at the Heights Business Hub. “We’re actively looking at engaging with our local community, as part of our Marau Hākainga focus, and using these business contexts to demonstrate to our students that having an understanding of ‘things business’ is an important life skill moving forward - no matter what their final work destination is!”

From MYOB financial data processing in Year 12 Accounting to investing $50,000 in the ASX Sharemarket Investment Challenge in partnership with CraigsIP for the Year 10 and 11 Business Studies classes - the students have lots of practical activities to engage in. This reinforces their understanding of the subject material - and helps inform them about the causes behind when their whānau pull up at the petrol station and complain about the prices at the pump! Next term sees our tauira ‘working in’ their businesses at their Market Day and heading out into the local community on field trips to visit local companies like Skyline, Waimangu Volcanic Valley and the Spark Business Hub to name a few.

If you are reading this news item, and have a local business that you would like to ‘signpost’ as a potential case study for our Business Hub team, or would like to be involved as a mentor for our Senior Business Studies classes’ companies - please contact Ewan at emcleod@whhs.school.nz



Congratulations to Para swimmer Bailey Conlon who has qualified and will be attending the Virtus Oceania Asia Games as part of a New Zealand team!

Bailey has qualified in 15 of the 17 races so far. The event will take place in Brisbane from November 5-12.

Bailey is a swimmer with great potential. as a 16 year old he holds 2 Open NZ Para records and 4 NZ Para Age Records. Bailey is an ambassador for the sport with his application to training and competing - shown by his ability to integrate into the National Age Programme which is a teenage focus performance programme for both Paralympic and Olympic pathway swimmers.

Competing at this Virtus event is beneficial for his development as it will expose him to a competitive environment against other Para swimmers of a similar level.

We wish him all the very best!

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Rapid Antigen Tests

RATs Ordering for those who have COVID-19 symptoms or are a household contact: https://requestrats.covid19.health.nz/ or phone 0800 222 478 - to collect from participating pharmacies. Western Heights Pharmacy - Brooklyn Road and Ngongotaha Pharmacy are currently collection points.
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Sore Throat?

I am currently concerned about young people who have a sore throat and are having a RATs without getting their throats swabbed or checked. Streptococcal A, left untreated can lead to Rheumatic Fever.

If your child has a sore throat then they will need a throat swab to rule out a Strep A infection. This can be done by your GP, or at the DROP-IN Clinic for free for 4 to 19 year old's.

Where: Western Heights Medical Centre, Brooklyn Road

When: Monday - Thursday 3.00pm to 6.00pm

Friday 3.00pm to 5.00pm.

You do not have to be a registered patient there to get your child's throat swabbed.

For more information, please phone Healthline : Health advice: 0800 611 116. COVID related: 0800 358 5453


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Share the Ride with Whanau 2022 nominations are now OPEN!

Share the Ride with Whanau is back on for 2022. If you know a whanau who might not have the means to get out riding, but are awesome members of our community and can commit to the programme, then fill out the form and send it in. We’ll be choosing up to 25 people to be a part of this awesome kaupapa. Nominations close COB Wednesday 6th April. Send your nomination to: tak@mdanz.com

Download the nomination form here

Share the Ride with Whanau

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About First Foundation

First Foundation is committed to an Aotearoa New Zealand where all people can succeed, thrive and lead. We do this by strengthening the pathways, choices and opportunities that empower young people.

Our four-year programme is much more than a scholarship. Not only will you get financial help, you’ll have a dedicated mentor who’ll be there for you along the way – so even if you’re the first in your family to go to university, you’ll have support from someone who’s been there before. Plus, you’ll get experience of work to grow your skills, giving you access to the professional networks most people rely on for work opportunities.

The First Foundation programme is funded by our partners, who are businesses, trusts and personal funders who want to help deserving young people make a difference in their community.

Career Navigator

Career Navigator is a ready-for-work programme for Year 12 and 13 students, designed to support their decision making around future employment. The programme runs in terms 1-3 and offers opportunities through workshops, mentoring and work site visits that challenge students so they:

  • are motivated to pursue education and employment.
  • have the confidence to set challenging career pathway goals and are motivated to achieve them.
  • have the ability to interact with adults to obtain the support and resources they need.
  • are connected to employers in their community and are aware of the resources and activities available to support them in their career decision making.

Please feel free to make contact if you would like to know more Sarah Moffatt - Programme Coordinator 0223502579 sarah.moffatt@dingle.foundation.co.nz or

Mrs Chesterman - Careers Advisor, Western Heights High School jchesterman@whhs.school.nz

University Scholarships

MoneyHub, a consumer finance website, has published a guide to hundreds of scholarships for any student planning to start university in 2023. The comprehensive list includes scholarships offered by every university as well as those specifically available to local students. A list of privately-funded, Maori, Pacific and international university scholarships completes the list. Applications close throughout the year, with tens of millions of dollars available. MoneyHub has also published a list of tips for scholarship success.

For more details and to find suitable scholarships, visit https://www.moneyhub.co.nz/


Studylink helps students make informed choices about their student finance, how to apply for it and manage it online. Follow this link for help with what you need to do when you are starting to study https://www.studylink.govt.nz/starting-study/