Week at a Glance

2/1- Grades Due (8am), Faculty Meeting

2/4- Half Day (Staff in-service), Report Cards Issued, Soup 4 the Soul

2/8- EdData Order due

Grades Due

2nd MP grades are due Monday February 1 at 8:00am.

Faculty Meeting Agenda

Passenger of the Month Award

Housekeeping Items

Activity- Understanding PARCC Data

Admin/Team Meetings

Admin/Team meetings are cancelled for this month. Please take it as an opportunity to meet with with your team or with other teachers in your department.

February 4th In-service

Topic- Globalization, Future Trends and Its Impact on Today's Students

What are we doing?

We are going to reflect on current and future trends related to globalization. The intent is to help you recognize the demands placed on us to prepare students for their futures. Ideally, this activity will help to establish a shared sense of vision and purpose.