Kaitlen Shelton

Richard Nixon & the Watergate scandle

The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal in the 1970s it happened in the headquarters of the Watergate office in D.C., Nixon's administrations office tried to cover up the scandal. When people started to find out that they tried to cover it up they wanted to impeach Nixon.
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Facts about the Watergate Scandal

  • 5 men are arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters
  • The FBI thought that it was set up by Nixon
  • 4 of Nixon's aides resign as the scandal grows
  • Former aide of Nixon reveals that Nixon secretly records all of the White Houses conversations
  • When Nixon is asked to give the tapes to the courts he refuses and lies
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Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford was a minority leader in the House of Representatives. Nixon chose him to be Vice President when his Vice President resigned. Nixon was said to "strike a deal" with Ford before resigning. But Ford denied all the allegations.

G Gordan Liddy

Liddy was convicted of a felony during Nixon's presidency. Liddy was the one to organize the Watergate scandal. After 5 of Liddy's opratives were arrested Liddy was also arrested and charged for burglary, conspiracy, and refusing to testify.

About the Watergate Scandal

Five men broke into the Democratic National Committee office and got a hold of some recordings. The case went to the courts to be investigated and was said the be set up by Richard Nixon and his committee office. Nixon was soon after reelected for his second term in office. Many of Nixon's staff members resigned due to the rapid growth of the scandal. Nixon was said to have recorded all of his conversations that were in the White House. When the investigators asked Nixon for the recordings he refused and then said that they were lost. After the Scandal went through the courts many people were trying to impeach Nixon but due o the fear of impeachment he resigned.