The Wicked 8

NMS 8 White Bulletin - SPRING 2016

The home stretch!

The year is almost over, already! So much learning, growing, fun, and nonsense has taken place so far this year, and yet there is still so much more to come! Keep working hard, and if you haven't's never too late to start!

Cyber House Rules

Recently, we had an assembly regarding the do's and don't's when it comes to the Cyber Safety and Etiquette. Remember:
- NEVER share your passwords

- DO NOT post pictures you would not want your grandmother to see!


- DO NOT pose as another user online

- ALWAYS be respectful in your comments

MCAS DATES - - - Math: 5/11-12 -- Science: 5/18

The Dinner Dance is right around the corner!

This year, the 8th graders had the chance to vote for the food at the dance!

- street vendor style (hotdogs, bugers, etc.)

- sub sandwiches

- pasta

- pizza

Which one did they choose? We'll find out soon!

Dinner Dance

Tuesday, June 21st, 5-9pm

215 West Main Street

Norton, MA

Meet us in the Rotunda in your Sunday best for an awesome night of music - mangia - mania!

Dinner Dances of the past...

Upcoming Trip: NEW YORK CITY!

Thursday, June 2nd, 6am-11pm

New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

For the first time in many years, the 8th grade class will get to take a trip to the Big Apple! The teachers and students are very excited to see some of the many sites the metropolis has to offer, including Ellis Island, the World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty!

Making connections from History, to English, to Spanish -- The Hunchback Seville

8 White had fun traveling by bus to Providence's Trinity Repertory Company where many of them had front row seats to this roaring "comedy" about the atrocities of the Spanish conquest to the New World. The week before the show, Mr. S., Mr. Howley, and Sra. Treannie set the stage for the play through class discussions about the history of Spanish colonialism, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Spanish Reconquista.

What's going on in S.S. lately?

The Salem Witch Trials

Students in Mr. Howley's class made posters describing the treatment of the people accused of being witches during the hysteria. What happened to the accused, their families, and their property? How would you feel if you or a family member were wrongfully accused of something? What misconceptions existed then, and what can we learn from them?

What's going on in Science lately?

Flip it!

B Period science class has been piloting a flipped classroom. The students have hypothesized, researched, created, and discussed a number of issues well beyond 8th grade level thinking and curriculum; they are bridging concepts and ideas and utilizing the Internet and school technology effectively to teach, explore, and expand the student knowledge base of evolutionary, genetic and ecological topics. I am so proud of what they have accomplished! We will next start piloting taxonomy in D period while B continues evolutionary exploration.

-Mrs. Spremulli

Katie M.'s awesome video sums up some more of the fun things Mrs. S. is teaching! Check it out below!
Chemistry 8th grade

Science & Spanish Come Together: Celebrate 5 de Mayo through cooking Mexican dishes and identifying physical and chemical reactions in the cooking process

What's going on in English lately?

We wonder...What are the different ways authors communicate with us?

We are reading an array of poems as well as Oliver Twist as we explore this question. Authors often use sensory imagery, allusion, and comparisons such as metaphors & similes. How do these devices impact the reader?

What's going on in Math lately?

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From the student's perspective...

Written by a fellow math student:

In math class, we were assigned the “Mini-Book Project”. At first it seemed like a daunting task, especially since we needed to write a book, but as a team, the work was easier. The assignment was that we were to write a story teaching the reader about all the math lessons we had learned in a certain Chapter. Accompanying the story, we needed drawings to illustrate the events. Finally, we were required to fit this all onto a sheet the size of ¼ of regular paper, and then bind it however we want. Though these were the requirements, many parts of the project were flexible and customizable. For example, the story, the illustrations, the type of paper we used, the binding, and other small little things that contributed to the project, were all something that we, the students, get to decide.

Though it seems like a lot of work, which it was, splitting the jobs made the process go a lot faster. I learned four major things from this project: teamwork, communication, time-management, and compromise. We split the jobs to tailor everyone’s strengths, but through this process and after many miscommunications, we learned that being articulate was a lot harder than it sounded. Also, we had to manage our time-wisely as we started a little bit later than we had planned, but after many compromises we had gotten all of our jobs done. The hardest part was bringing the book together. We had all the bits and pieces, but putting them together was harder and lengthier than expected. At the end, though we hastily put the book together, it was a group effort. Though this was a hard project, it was an experience which I have learned many things from.
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What's going on in Spanish lately?

In Spanish class, students are learning to tell who their family members are, where they live, and how to describe them. They already made their own family trees ("arboles geneologicos", see below). In class, they have formed their own "pretend" families, and the culmination of the chapter will include a project of their choice!
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Oh mother... | Family Feud